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Tweets about Mitch McConnell

Tweets about Mitch McConnell

Tweets about Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader

This page displays tweets about Mitch McConnell. Let’s start with a tweet that Donald Trump posted about him:

McConnell Trump tweet repeal and replace

Here are recent tweets by Mitch McConnell published on Twitter

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Below are the tweets about Mitch McConnell from Donald Trump published on Twitter – from the last 7 days

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Specific tweets about Mitch McConnell based on top 10 “Mitch McConnell” Google search terms

Here are the top 10 searches per month (as of Oct 2017) on Google for the term “Mitch McConnell” and the associated tweets on Twitter about each term.

Mitch McConnell – 198,000 searches/month

Tweets about Mitch McConnell:

Mitch McConnell turtle – 13,000 searches/month

Tweets about “Mitch McConnell turtle”:

Mitch McConnell wife – 6,700 searches/month

Tweets about “Mitch McConnell wife”:

Mitch McConnell twitter – 5,300 searches/month

Tweets about “Mitch McConnell twitter”:

Senator Mitch McConnell – 3,300 searches/month

Tweets about “Senator Mitch McConnell”:

Mitch McConnell polio – 2,300 searches/month

Mitch McConnell net worth- 2,200 searches/month

Mitch McConnell young – 1,800 searches/month

Mitch McConnell Trump – 1,300 searches/month

Mitch McConnell supreme court – 1,200 searches/month